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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pre-Arrival Information Handbook (TUFS)

I just got the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) pre-arrival information handbook yesterday (+ a word document you're supposed to fill out), and immediately started stressing over (of all things), what language to use to reply to the email.

You see, I'm supposed to reply to acknowledge getting the 2 documents, and me being slightly OCD/perfectionistic (take your pick), I didn't know what language. Should I use Japanese? But the email is written in English, so they might expect an English reply. Not helping matters was the fact that I just had a Japanese lesson on keigo (polite language), so the whole "be polite" thing was at the forefront of my brain. In the end, I decided to write in English. I'm not that good in Japanese after all.

But apart from the completely unnecessary self-inflicted angst, I also had a chance to look at the handbook (PDF document). This is the first page:
I can honestly say that with each document that gets emailed over, I get used to the fact that this is reality and not just some wonderful dream I'm having. The document is actually fairly detailed, and it covers things like arrival and the dorm. The dorm actually sounds appealing. It's all single room (15 metres squared) and comes with a toilet (+ bath) and a mini-kitchen. I don't imagine there's much room to swing a cat, but all the amenities is convenient.

However, JLC (Japan Language Centre) "does not approve part-time jobs as for undergraduate students". There goes my plan to work part-time to supplement the allowance. Plus, the monthly allowance has actually decreased, from the initial ¥123 000 to ¥120 000) :/ Mom, Dad, if you read this, well, I'll have to depend on your for at least one more year :D

And to end things on a happier note, here are the subjects I'm studying (read the Humanities and Social Sciences column):

I'm actually looking forward to most all my subjects (I know, I'm a nerd/mugger) ^^


  1. Hello~
    Did you take math over there? Haha.

    1. Hello,

      Is the "there" Singapore or Japan haha.


  2. OMG Math.
    By the way at the TUFS and now at the Kyushu Uni, are u following lessong in english or japanese ?

    xoxo !

    1. Hey Sara!

      My lessons at both TUFS and Kyushu Uni are mainly in Japanese. I do have English lessons (which I just got an exemption for), but well, Japanese is the main mode of instruction.



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