Monday, 26 March 2012

Air Ticket~

I finally got my air ticket. And I must say, I didn't know that plane tickets were so expensive (O.O). We (all the scholars) were at the embassy on Friday to get our tickets and have one final briefing, and interestingly, our main/first question was "can you bring bak kwa?" But in our defence, this was because we're trying to figure out how to introduce Singapore, and the only thing we can think of is to use food.

My sister helped me take this photo. Left to right: plane ticket, SSAJ brochure.
Top: the envelope it came in, with notes from the briefing scribbled on it.
After the briefing, we all piled into a bus and went to Kumo (at Tanjong Pagar) to eat an incredible 2-hour kaiseki lunch. I know that everyone is going "you don't need it! You're going to Japan!" but really, I'm going to be a student. There's not much chance I can eat such expensive food(:

Now, I really need to finish packing. And find the SIA outfit as our national costume for the entrance ceremony :D