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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Farewell (Part 1)

My farewell(s) started on Sunday. I did not know that there were so many people to say goodbye too... The first group were the Psallo Chorus. Those awesome friends surprised me by singing Irish Blessing. It's a tradition to do that for those who are leaving (apparently. I'm a fairly new member). There's a video, but I don't have it yet. I'll definitely post it once I get it though, the lyrics are very meaningful.

The next group I say "bye" to were the CF girls. Unfortunately, even though I got a camera, I forgot to take a group photo so I only have random photos. But anyway, most of them are very camera shy so I shall just showcase their works:
 Yes, everything you see were the tags they made and gave to me. I'm really touched, even if this was done during Arts and Crafts time. Most of them put in thought and this was one of the few projects where I barely did anything(:
And on a related subject, I have made more than 65 bookmarks to give away during my farewell party. I say more than because I've already given some away before I finished and counted them.

I would like to say that I worked for three weeks straight knitting and cutting/pasting, but honestly, I didn't do it 24/7.
So the three/two weeks spend on this is the slacker's two/three weeks (one or two hours a day).
 For some reason, my sister's finger pose reminds me of Flubber from the movie Flubber. If you look closely, you'd notice that there are 3 shapes and 4 patterns. The reason why there are so little is because I want to finish it before I leave.
 Yes, my sister did get her own bookmark. Look how happy she is!

 6 Rows of 10 + 5 loner bookmarks

In case everyone forgets which bookworm gave it to them, I signed my name too~

After this, I still have my farewell party. More to come(:

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