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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Akihabara and Shibuya

I believe I mentioned something about Akihabara yesterday, so since I went to Shibuya today, I might as well combine both trips into one post(:

Well, basically, we decided to go to Akihabara after the entrance ceremony. That day was fabulous, it wasn't too cold so everyone was very (genki - energetic). Unlike today and almost every other day so far, which is quite cold (and inches towards very cold when it's windy) and everyone wears at least two layers. That day, at least, felt like spring.

So off to Akihabara we went. And me being absentminded, forgot to bring a book to read (ebook and paperbook) so for 3 hours (it's about an hour and a half each way), I had nothing to do. We were all chatting at first, but then we all got tired.
I can't believe I forgot to add a picture at first! Well, here you go(:

But what this trip really taught me was the importance of handphones. We ended up splitting up and someone would always be late to meet, which is really quite worrying. On the bright side, I managed to buy presents for my siblings and found a really awesome food shop (yes, I'm such a foodie):

I love this shop! Apart from selling normal candies, it also sells a bunch of wonka stuff, like the wonka van and Whipple Scrumptious Marshmallow Delight. Well, I might have gotten the name wrong, but it's definitely what Charlie ate when he got the golden ticket. It took so much willpower to resist buying everything (especially chocolate!)

Today, we went to Shibuya. At first, I really really wanted to sleep in, especially since I had Good Friday service before. But then, we already bought tickets for Shion Yee's dance concert. It was actually really interesting. They break up into different groups and genres. I've never actually heard of some of these genres. In total there was: house, jazz, break, pop, hip hop and lock. If you know how to differentiate between them, please tell me. They all look similar to me!

But even before we went to the concert, we already made a "detour" to...:

I cannot resist food.
I chose the (Sakura White Chocolate) which was really quiet delicious:
And I managed to buy high socks! Tutuanna is a really nice place to buy socks~ And of course, we took a picture with Hachiko:
We managed to drag everyone in the photo.
After that, well, we didn't actually do that much at Shibuya. What we really wanted to do was go to Seiyu at Chofu and buy our things (like broom and dustpans, food, pots, etc).


  1. Hello.(:
    You looks very cheerful! I have never been to Shibuya and Akihabara.
    I'm little jealous!lol

    1. Hey(:

      Thanks! Haha, if you come to Tokyo we should go together. Well, I've never been to Osaka (and I want to try okonomiyaki from there!)


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