Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Butterfly Song

I opened up Youtube on my iPad yesterday (I wanted to show Masha and Simone a video) and was greeted with The Butterfly Song by Austin and Ally. I guess I forgot that it was the last song I played before I left Singapore, on account that my brother spent the last few weeks singing this song. So here it is:

I miss my lil' brother.

I still talk to my sisters quite often (facebook/whatsapp/etc) and I saw my parents last week (plus we video chatted a lot) but I haven't seen much of my brother. He's always more interested in his TV shows when I'm chatting with my family so I don't talk to him that much.

Plus, I've already watched both my sisters grow up and last night, I was struck (for the nth time) by the fact that I'm going to be missing 5 years of my brother's life. He's still an affectionate boy now but then again, he's 7-going-8. What's he going to be like at 12-going-13?

All I can say is, I hope he and my family comes over during my vacation. I think it'd be fun to explore Tokyo with them (or even just the area around After all, there's a cat cafe at Kichijoji and I think my sibling's would want to go there)

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