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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cooking time #1

Recently, my mom asked me about my meals. Or rather, whether I was cooking at all. But despite the image of me being lazy and generally incompetent in the kitchen, I am starting to cook. This is mostly due to necessity, since the 食堂(shokudo - cafeteria) is closed during weekends and I hardly ever feel like leaving my room to get dinner (heh, I'm so lazy). So, I've resorted to one-dish meals.

Right now, the previous plans the Rena, Nicholas and I made for dinner potluck style have fallen apart. Mostly because we're too lazy (and really, cooking every day?). Nowadays, Rena and I just make a week's worth of food on Sunday and eat the same thing for dinner everyday (but Rena one-upped me by doing the same for lunch).

So this week, I made a dish called "potatoes-meat-and-eggs". Before you ask, it's actually based on a real recipe. It was in Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipe's (Doc Spencer's pie), where there was this throwaway line that said you could use the pie filling as a sandwich feeling. So I used it as a meal.

Anyway, right now, all I have is a pot and a wooden spatula to stir (I'm waiting for the bazaar on Tuesday to try and get a rice cooker and a pan). So the dishes were bound to be basic.

It's yummy. It really is.
Basically, what lazy me did was to boil potatoes and eggs and mix them together with meat. Technically, the recipe asks you to cook your own bacon/ham/meat but when you don't have a knife (or you're just plain lazy), you'll do what I do and buy yakitori so you don't have to cook or cut the meat :D

So every day, I'd take out the cooked food, heat it up and add seasonings (which due to my shortsightedness was limited to kewpie mayonnaise and yukari (the purple topping for rice that you can find at the tepanyaki place at Jurong). But surprisingly, it tastes really good. And I'm even eating some vegetables, seeing as I love Edamane and it's very quick to cook.

This is possibly the simplest dish to prepare ever. (Instant noodles don't count because they're not as health XD)

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