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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cooking Time #2

This week, I more-or-less lived on chowder for dinner. I say more-or-less because I was way too lazy to eat it every single day. It's my first time making chowder so I'm actually quite glad how it turned out:

It's supposed to be Chicken and Corn chowder, but I couldn't find the corn. And since I don't like vegetables in general, I didn't bother buying any of the vegetables listed (except for the potatoes). So, here's my very simple version of chowder:

Cut the potatoes into small cubes and fry it (I realised it's faster to fry/peel it if you boil it a little first).

You're suppose to add the chicken stock (read - water plus one cube of chicken stock) now, but I forgot and added the chicken (yakitori!) It didn't make a difference anyway.

So sometime between the chicken and the potatoe, the stock has to go in. And then you just wait for everything to be thoroughly cooked (especially the potatoes!). This took around 20-30 minutes?

And lastly, just add in milk. The recipe actually calls for XXXml stock and XXXml milk, but I took the lazy way out. If you look at the ratios, it's about slightly more than half stock and slightly more than half milk. So just agar agar (approximate) and everything will turn out fine(:

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