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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"Crashing" a Party

Quite a lot of things happened today (briefings and such) but the most interesting thing happened after the orientation briefing.

You see, after the briefing, Nicholas, Rena and I decided to check out the cafeteria, since it was closed when we went exploring earlier. We were walking past the round building when we saw some cheerleaders handing out cups, so being nosy we went to take a look and ended writing our names on cups and were ushered into the building.

It was later that we found out that this was a party that the 2nd years throw for the 1st years in hopes of getting them to join their club. This party was organised by the cheerleaders and the basketball team. And that's how we ended up at a party full of Japanese students trying to make conversation.

It was actually really fun because everyone is friendly, although after about 5 minutes, there's an awkward silence because we run out of topics. That's why we ended up talking to about 6 different groups before we left. Rena, being the most enthusiastic one of all left the least willingly (especially after we noticed that something was going on after we threw our cups away)

Most of the conversations follow a certain flow: An introduction -> Realising we are foreign scholars -> explaining what we study -> explaining why Nicholas is 3 years older (NS). And occasionally, we'll talk about phones. Most people were quite interested in the fact that we're from Singapore, and I got a lot of " かっこい!" (kakkoi) about my name :D

I think the hardest part was to explain what we were studying, since the Japanese students don't go to JLC (Japanese Language Centre)
Plus, we had "JRC" written mistakenly on Rena's cup. In the end, we just
either pointed in the direction of the building or used the literal
translation - 日本語センター(nihongo senta)
But still, it was a lot of fun and I got to practice my Japanese. I probably spoke the least, since I'm not as ペラペラ (pera pera - fluent) as them, but at least I started one conversation(: I hope more of such stuff happens after school officially starts.

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