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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Difference Between シ And ツ

I don't know about you, but when I first started learning Japanese, I had a problem remembering which katakana was "シ"(shi) and which was "ツ"(tsu). I didn't have much problems with the hiragana, but the katakana... well, it took me a long time (and many repetitions) to remember which was which.

But since classes just started, we went through both kana (I'm in D class, the exact middle since we have classes from A to G) and something my teacher said about these two katakana made so much sense I figured I should share it with you in case you're still confused. Do you know what this big secret it?



Time's up! The answer is simple: both of these katakana characters look like their hiragana characters(:

Before you dismiss this as "crazy-talk", take a look at these pictures I drew on my iPad:

Take a look at "シ" do you see how the way you write it follows the way you right the hiragana?
もう一回(mou ikkai - one more time)! Do you see how the way you write "ツ" follows the hiragana as well?

I hope this makes the two a little clearer.

-Bonus Content-

Thanks for reading all the way~ (I'm actually inserting a page break just to 'hide' this). Anyway, today, I was supposed to meet my parents, who are here from yesterday to tomorrow. I can't see them tomorrow, since they leave while I still have classes so today was the 2nd and last time I could meet them.

So, I needed to bring some luggage's with me from the dorm to the hotel (near Fuchu Station). Unfortunately, I had walked to Tobitakyu Station (飛田給駅)before I remembered that I forgot it >.< And it's a 20 min walk. Which meant that since I had a health check-up today and so ended late, I was going to be later.

And lazy me refused to walk all the way to Tobitakyu Station again with luggage's so I tried to take the train from Tama station (多磨駅). To cut a long story short, I got lost not knowing and ended up changing trains three times. If it weren't for the fact that this group of very nice Japanese ladies in the train helped me (they not only wrote instructions, they got off the train to show me where to go), I would probably still be lost.

The biggest irony is that while I was changing trains, I realised that I should have either waited for the direct bus or take the alternative bus to Tobitakyu Station, where I have a direct train. =.=


  1. eus~~ お元気ですか?^^i always never could tell the difference between the two either... but now i realise the differences!!

    1. 元気です。しかし、とても忙しい。毎日テストがあります... OTL. YAY! I wish I knew this earlier too, it's so simple!

  2. yah, now they seem so much easier to remember!
    thanks for sharing! :)

    1. I'm glad it was useful(: Thanks for reading!



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