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Friday, 20 April 2012

Earthquake Drill

Today we had an earthquake drill! We knew that it was today, but we weren't told the time. In the end, it was held during our break time (we have a ten minute break between lessons). I guess they really don't want to take away lesson time :p

I've never actually felt an earthquake before or taken part in an earthquake drill (fire drills are a different story) so this was actually quite fun. When the announcement came, we were supposed to hide underneath our desks and this is where I realised being short/tiny is advantageous. I could actually hide quite comfortably under the desk:

Yes, this was what I was doing during the drill. Taking pictures and Whatsapp-ing my family (Euphe replied really fast so I had someone to talk to). Considering nothing was shaking (except when my friend tried to shake my table), we really needed something to do.

After that, we went outside the school to an open-air area. That's when we all realised that we should have brought our kanji books because we could study for the test that was immediately after. Instead, being told to bring our most important things, we all brought our phones and our wallets (and for me, my iPad).

It really was quite an interesting experience although a real earthquake is no joke. Basically, what you have to do is to protect your head (hence we hide undertables) and when it's over make sure there are no fires, get everyone out safely and head to the evacuation area. But when in doubt, just follow the crowd.

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