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Friday, 6 April 2012

Entrance Ceremony

Yesterday was the entrance ceremony. We were supposed to wear our national costume (I think), but in the end, only about one third of us didn't wear formal wear. I suppose that there are good and bad sides to being so obviously in national costume:

Cons: People will stare.

Pros: People will stare. And make conversation with you/take your photo, so this is actually an excellent time to practice your Japanese.

And if you're wondering, we couldn't decide what the national costume of Singapore is. I mean, we have four main races, and depending on the race, we could be mistaken for people of a different country. E.g. Cheongsum (Chinese costume - China), Sari (India, plus, we have no idea how to put it on). So in the end, we decided to wear the uniform of the SQ girl (SQ = Singapore Airlines = National Carrier).

Before the ceremony, we took some pictures with Sakura so I turned out something like an advertisment for SIA:

Fly SIA and visit Japan!
The ceremony consists mainly of the University Song and a few speeches. There were basically 3 things that we had to do: stand up, bow and sit (at the right time). The instructions were all in Japanese though, so we had to practice a few times before the ceremony. But generally, all you need to do is follow the crowd.

And after that, we went to take photos with the banner. If you're wondering why only photos of me appear, it's because I can't remember who I asked if I could post their photos.

No really, SIA is a wonderful company and before you ask,
I do not work there nor do I benefit by repeatedly mentioning
what an awesome airline it is (really! Check out the inflight entertainment
The ceremony was in the morning, so we actually went to Akihabara after that, but that is a story for another time(:


  1. Wow, that photo of you under the tree is so pretty :) Haha, coming from America being asked to wear a "national costume" would be quite....entertaining to attempt ^^

    Sounds like you are having a great time so far :D Can't wait to hear more ^^

    1. Thank you! Hmm... I belive the scholars from America wore suits, although I guess if you're from the West you could always wear a cowboy outfit :D


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