Sunday, 1 April 2012

Farewell (Part 2)

Yesterday was my farewell party. And even though the party was three hours long, I didn't get to talk to everybody. Yes, that many people managed to cram into my small house; and we even lost track of the number of people. Thankfully, there was enough food (I hope!) and everyone had a good time even though I was perpetually flying off half way.

God is really good. He has shown me how much people love me. My friends have given me the most thoughtful gifts - pillows (my friend drew the cover), boxes, little notebooks and all the cards, I'm really touched ^^

Here are some photos from the party:

This is Nicole and I. Nicole is such an awesome friend; when she found out that I wasn't going to take photos, she volunteered to be my photographer. So all the photos are by her~ (If you don't like them, it's my fault, she was using my camera, which is a different model from hers)
 One of the deserts - Longan with Almond Jelly. Oishisou~
 My grandma queuing for food(:  There are more pics but I haven't really asked if I could post them here.
Me making a funny face. I do that a lot.

Today was a farewell lunch with the Churchies and it was so fun(: I will miss them so much, even Esta's yelling. We took a lot of Polaroid pictures too~

Yes, I'm in fangirl mode. But you can't really blame me because this is an awesome farewell.