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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Farewell (Part 2)

Yesterday was my farewell party. And even though the party was three hours long, I didn't get to talk to everybody. Yes, that many people managed to cram into my small house; and we even lost track of the number of people. Thankfully, there was enough food (I hope!) and everyone had a good time even though I was perpetually flying off half way.

God is really good. He has shown me how much people love me. My friends have given me the most thoughtful gifts - pillows (my friend drew the cover), boxes, little notebooks and all the cards, I'm really touched ^^

Here are some photos from the party:

This is Nicole and I. Nicole is such an awesome friend; when she found out that I wasn't going to take photos, she volunteered to be my photographer. So all the photos are by her~ (If you don't like them, it's my fault, she was using my camera, which is a different model from hers)
 One of the deserts - Longan with Almond Jelly. Oishisou~
 My grandma queuing for food(:  There are more pics but I haven't really asked if I could post them here.
Me making a funny face. I do that a lot.

Today was a farewell lunch with the Churchies and it was so fun(: I will miss them so much, even Esta's yelling. We took a lot of Polaroid pictures too~

Yes, I'm in fangirl mode. But you can't really blame me because this is an awesome farewell.


  1. You are making very cute face.XD I also make funny face with my friends like you!

    I'm sorry I'm late reply.Please call me Saki.I'll call you Eustacia.I have heard like your name!But "Eustacia" is sounds very cool!^^

    1. Thank you Saki! Haha, thanks(: It's quite hard to pronounce though (in katakana, it's ユースタシア)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. WHUT. HARLO. IF THE PHOTOS ARE BAD IT'S MY FAULT OKAY. using a different cam is no excuse for bad photos -_____-
    sorry some were bad and like underexposed and stuff. esp that last photo with your funny face OTL

    1. No lah. I can barely use my own camera OTL... But I do like the photos, even the underexposed ones(:


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