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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

First two days in Japan

I'm finally here!

After sitting in a hot stuffy plane for 5/6 hours (I got confused by the time difference), and then waiting about two hours for the last scholar, enduring a two hour ride to the school, and lugging my baggage up, I'm finally here!

I took JAL (Japan Airlines) and they didn't feed us enough :/ The flight was from 8.10 a.m. - 4 p.m. but we only got breakfast. Then again, it was a heavy breakfast (rice) and they gave us a muffin around 2 p.m. But anyways, I watched しあわせのパン(shiawase no pan - bread of happiness) which I absolutely love. It's a heartwarming story (yes, happy ending included) and follows a couple running this bakery in Hokkaido. The bakery is the scene (in a sense) for 3 events, so it's like a string of short movies.

And immigration was terrible. We queued for about 1.5 hours O.O enough said.

And more waiting
One interesting thing that happened was that we started comparing money.
And then realised that nearly everyone loves KPop.

And waiting

And finally, arrival! It was 9 something when we got there (we were like, an hour late), so we were joking that if our senpai's waited for us, they were really dedicated. And they did! They even helped me carry my luggage.


My luggage is heavy. Heavier than me, and I brought a lot of carry-ons (backpack, computer bag and camera bag). So for all those that help me carry the bag, どうもありがとうございます! There are my fellow scholars, the bus uncle and the senpais. I think if they didn't help, my luggage wouldn't make it here.

So when we finally dumped/placed everything in our (awesome) rooms, we went to meet the other Singaporeans for dinner. It was really fun, and listening to their experiences so far was entertaining and enlightening. And it confirmed that Rena and I have very stiff competition.

We finished at 11 p.m. so by the time we got back, all I could do was to throw some sheets on the bed and sleep.

Today was interesting. We went to register for our alien registration card, and then walked around. Well, actually, we were only supposed to go to the 100 yen shop but I wanted to buy mama's cream. So after walking around, I found it in the drugstore and bought all available bottles (which amounts to a grand total of ....2.)

I made my grandma happy!

And I spammed the 100yen shop. With things like cups, toilet paper, etc. Yup, I'm so responsible. I saw some really cute yarn though, so I'll go back for some soon.

Lunch was ramen. It's supposed to be quite famous (I think!) but a little expensive.
My Ramen. It's a huge huge bowl
I love 味玉 (ajitama - flavoured eggs)!

Yes Rachel, the pictures (of food) are for you ^_^

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