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Monday, 16 April 2012

My New Handphone!

Yes, I've finally got a handphone. After my parents visited last week, they took my handphone back with them because my sister's handphone broke down. And anyway, it's impractical to use the 'roaming' function for 5 years. So, on Saturday, I went to Kichijoji (link to Wikitravel article, which for some reason I feel like linking to) which is really near school, to get my phone.

So, my new phone is a Lumix Smartphone by Samsung from SoftBank. Specs are in the link:

Doesn't it look pretty~ And I'm not taking off the back sticker
until I understand what it says. Which, come to think of it, may
be a pretty long time.

This is how I charge my phone. And although you can't see
it here, my wallpaper moves (it's so cute!)
The strangest thing about this phone was that it wasn't one of the phones I was seriously considering. I was looking at other phones like the Honeybee, Disney Mobile, Hello Kitty and one other smartphone. But when I went to the shop, they only had the HoneyBee and the other smartphone. And by then, I realised I didn't really like the Honeybee because it's functions weren't that good. And really, the only reason why I chose this phone was because the specs were slightly better than the other (besides the camera, it's uses a dual-core).

The most important information to know when buying a handphone is this: if you're below twenty, you need a guarantor. I was really lucky that my senior signed my form (thanks Christial!). Incidentally, you can download the form from the Internet (but it's all in Japanese). Basically, it helps if you have seniors there because you need their help for stuff like this.

My phone took 6 hours to get ready (if I remember correctly, the SIM card is embedded in the phone itself, not a card you can take out), so we went around the place for a while. I finally stepped into, and fell in "love" with, Book Off, a very large used-bookstore chain (whose books like exactly like new!) that sadly, doesn't have an outlet within walking distance. The books are much cheaper than a regular bookstore too! You can see the books I bought here.

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