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Thursday, 26 April 2012

School Life #1

Hello, it occured to me that we're finishing the third week of school and I haven't said anything about classes and such. So, if you wondering, here's what goes on during a normal day/week:

Classes start at 8.30am. Which is later than in Singapore (at least, I wake up later, but then, I also walk to school :p). I think I scared my class about the education system in Singapore because I said that the days are longer and we come back for half the school holidays (even the teachers!). Classes are one and a half hours per period, with a ten minute break in between, which means that we generally have about 3 or four periods a day (the fifth period is only on Tuesday for P.E, which happens to be optional anyway).

Most days, the first two periods are Japanese. And most of the time, so is third period (there's a one hour lunch break between second and third period). The only exceptions are Tuesdays 日本の社会(nihon no shakai -Japanese Society) and Fridays (free period). One Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we have fourth period (Mathematics,日本の事情ワークショップ nihon no jisho wa-kushppu - Japanese affairs workshop and Multicultural communications respectively). And all the classes are in Japanese :/ which makes the hardest class Japanese Society

During Japanese class itself, we study mainly grammar and kanji from a textbook. I'm not very good so I'm in D class (right in the middle of classes A to G). And for us, we have a kanji test everyday and roughly two pages of 暗記(anki - dialogue) to memorise. But it's actually effective because we have to keep studying to keep up with the tests and stuff.

So, here's my classroom:

It's really small right? There are only 9 people.

And my table
The nametag is to mark our places I guess? And to prevent any "um... your name is?" :p

And my first すばらしいパンダ(subarashii panda) for full marks in Kanji (I was never good at writing, and now I not only have careless mistakes to deal with, but also to remember to write some words the Japanese way and not the Chinese way).

If I'm right, we have mid-terms in about three weeks and we're supposed to be tested on lessons 1-21 O.O But we also have other stuff like a Regetta and a Boat Competition after mid-terms so it's not all work and no play (plus, I have kendo!)


  1. Wow! That is small (-er than I am used to :) ). It seems like it would be a really nice sized class to have! I think it would help to be closer with the teacher and other students :)

    I hope you are having fun with kendo :)))

    1. Thanks! Kendo is fun but really tough (and I'm the slowest newcomer). I don't have any photos yet, but I'll make a nice long post when I do :D

      Yup, the class size means that we bond quite fast (or at least, become friends). But there are also other activities like a boat race to help bring us closer. It also means we get quite a lot of personal attention from the teacher, which is really great in helping me learn(:


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