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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Welcome Party~

Yesterday was the welcome party for the new dorm students, and it was really fun! I didn't have a camera but Stella says I can use her pictures so: pictures will be added when I get them(:

So anyway, before I went to the party, Rena and I were wondering if:

a. anyone would even turn up. And
b. if it would be fun

As a side note, we were also wondering if the kaya we brought would be well-received.

When we got there (we were about 15 minutes late), the room/hall was incredible crowded. Really, really incredible crowded. And I'm not good with crowds.

Thankfully, we saw Simone and Masha and quickly grouped together. And somehow, it was decided that instead of putting the kaya on the tables and hoping someone ate them, we should go around trying to get people to eat "食べて?" (tabete - please eat)
'The Kaya Brigade' as Audrey so dubbed us on facebook. Thanks Audrey, for
letting me use your photo(:

Of course (もちろん - mochiron) people loved kaya. Once they got over the green colour (and our lousy attempts to explain what 'kaya' and 'pandan' is), they realised that it's delicious. We actually ran out of biscuits and started using potato chips at one point. In fact, the funniest reaction was when someone told us that pandan kaya and potato chips 'tastes like chicken'.

About one hour/one and a half hours into the party, we met a really funny Japanese guy who loved the kaya. So, we passed him the third bottle, and amazingly, he ate out of the bottle. I really think that there's a market for kaya in China (same thing happened) and Japan. Hmm.... maybe a would-be entrepreneur should use this as an idea.

Anyway, after eating the kaya and yelling "美味しい !" (oishii - delicious), he and Masha started smearing kaya on other people's faces. To be perfectly honest, Masha was the one who started the kaya smearing (Simone being the first victim). But the one who left with the most kaya on her face wasn't Simone or I, but Rena, who got a kaya 'facemask' not once, but twice.

I shall leave you to imagine how the party ended :D

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