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Friday, 11 May 2012

バズチョコ (BaZuChoco)

While we were practicing listening in class, we came upon a very ...strange (yup, strange) exercise. It was an attempt to make a food called バマズ (BaMaZu) which consists of cheese on banana on tomatoes. When asked about whether our respective countries had such a dish, I immediately thought of the prata store in AC and Stella thought of home. So the both of us were the only ones who said "yeah, something like that exists - only instead of tomatoes -yuck- we use chocolate)". So, in an attempt to re-create the dish (the Indonesian version, since I have no idea or skill to make Roti Prata, we made what I now dub バズチョコ (BaZuChoco - BAnana, CheeZU, CHOCOlate).

 Here I am trying to fry the bananas. The cooking process was the funniest because of the conversation/commentary we had. So many memorable quotes(:

Stella on trying to flatten the bananas: "I feel like I'm giving them a massage."

Me trying to flatten the bananas: "Are you sure this is street food? And they take time to massage the bananas?"

Stella, flattening the bananas again: "Ok, time to massage them. I'll give them lots of TLC"

This um, rojak looking concoction is our final dish. It actually tastes very good (as judged by Bomu and Hang), although the cheese flavour was way too mild. We're gonna try again on Tuesday (to make for sensei), this time with Cheddar cheese(:

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