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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cooking Time #3

Since I bought a rice cooker last Saturday, I decided to eat lots of rice this week (I can't help it, I'm Chinese after all). So, to accompany rice, I wanted to make Ketchup Chicken (It was going to be potatoes but things happen and they became unusable). It's actually a pretty big step for me because it isn't from a recipe book, although I did have it lots of times when I was in Primary School, and later, when Josie-Jie-Jie and Mom made it.

And it worked!

And apparently, I really am like my family. So far, I can't be bothered to measure. What I did was something along the lines of:

"hmm... I know that ketchup and soy sauce is used. I shall just dump the amounts that seem right in. And lets see, it's kinda sweet so I think sugar should be added. And I think I need to make more sauce, so more water. Oops, ok, more ketchup, soy sauce and this time I think I'll use honey."


(And if you're wondering, I still don't trust myself to cook meat properly so I just bought cooked chicken from the supermarket).

And here's the rice:

I really love my rice cooker (although being about 7000 it's kinda expensive). It plays a little song when it starts cooking and a little song when it ends. And apparently, you can make all sorts of things inside, like bread and stuff. But until I can read the instruction manual, I'm going to stick to plain rice :D

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