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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cooking Time #4

I meant to post! I really did, but I had 4 days of kendo in a row (practice, 大会 taikai - who can guess the meaning wins a round of virtual applause, practice, practice) and I spent the rest of the time just trying to keep up with school. It's not a very good excuse, but it is what it is.

So, what I made last week was fried rice.

Let me show you attempt one:

This was actually made the week before, when I had too much rice in my fridge and decided to just add eggs and see what happened. It's actually quite nice, and I ended adding whatever I have (like 枝豆 edamame) to it.

But I wanted to try it properly (or my version anyway). So I consulted the Cooking: A Commonsense Guide (after owning it for a few years I'm finally using it!) and tried to follow the instructions. Approximately.

What happens is this:

You buy whatever you want in the rice. For me, I wanted sausages, crabmeat and minimal vegetables (the actual recipe has a bunch listed). But I'm used to eating the frozen kind - peas, carrots and corn mixed together, so I added that instead.

First, cook all that needs to be cooked (basically just boil all non-rice ingredients).

Next, you fry an egg, making sure that it's broken into small little pieces. Add the rest of the ingredients and fry it.

In an ideal kitchen, you'd add your rice to a fragrant smelling ingredients and voila fried rice. So, please remember to make sure that:

a. Your frying pan is actually big enough to fry rice. As in, when you fry it, you should be able to mix the rice and ingredients without anything falling out.

b. If you decide to transfer the rice to a pot to fry because your pan is too small, add oil to the pot first. Otherwise, all the rice on the bottom layer gets burnt.

The end product. So which do you prefer, version 1 or 2?

Personally, I can forsee myself making fried rice a lot. It's like comfort food, healthy, and only needs a minute in the microwave to heat up completely.

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