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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Golden Week 2012

And here ends an uneventful but fun Golden Week.

This year, I actually Tuesday and Wednesday (unlike the lucky Osaka GaiDai people). Plus, I'm lazy (and couldn't book Studio Ghibli tickets in time). So, here's a quick rundown on what happened.

Monday: It's a holiday (yay!) but the trip organised is to FujiQ. And due to health reasons (:/) I decided not to go (some of the rides have a 120 degree drop...). So, I went to kendo. Alone, since Simone was a FujiQ and Rena was with her parents. It was quite fun, since another uni was training together. But it also means that me (being the noob I am) train outside in the corridor.

Tuesday and Wednesday: School. Sigh, and since the canteen is closed (everyone else is having a holiday), we don't have time to eat lunch (everyone goes to the same few spots). The result is Rena and I starving through 3rd period. At least on Wednesday we have a school trip - to Suntory Beer Factory. But, in Japan, the legal age to drink is 20 (the irony).

People with the "special" tags like me get apple juice at the end of the tour.
Thursday: Holiday again! And there's kendo practice (kendo is so fun!). But, I was very 失礼(shitsurei - rude). You see, my aunt gave birth (to a handsome baby boy called Ezekiel) and I wanted to treat everyone to lunch to celebrate. But due to miscomunications, the senpai's wanted to pay for their share (it's a good thing that I ran to pay). Since my family has so much experience in this, I managed not to take the money, but still - shitsurei!

Afterwards, Simone and I head to Shinjuku to just walk about. It's fun and we ended up buying really oishii (and expensive) cake from Takashimaya foodhall.

Friday: Lazy day! I studied in the morning and spend the afternoon at Marcus and Christal's house. It was so fun and someone please remind me to buy Genji Pie as soon as I see it.

Saturday: Kendo! And then, to the Ramen Museum. Seeing as Simone and I have such small appetites, we only tried the Sapporo Ramen (but it was so good!). And um, ice-cream and mizu-ame (literally, water-candy, but is the clear sort of sweet that you eat of the stick. I believe you can buy it from Chinatown during Chinese New Year).
Awesomely, I've been seeing this English lesson on the train. It's set in

Shio-Char Siew Ramen

Miso-Based Ramen

It's awesome!!

Altogether, not a very exciting week, but certainly very fun and restful. Now, I have to figure out how to increase my study time >.<

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