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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Happy Birthday Rena

Dear Rena,

I don't know if you'll read this, but anyway, I wanted to recap your birthday so that you'll never forget your first birthday in Japan. You probably have heard enough about the party Kei organised, so here's the recap for Kendo.

Basically, it all started on Sunday. I guess in a way, it was a good thing I went to the shiai alone, because that was when I got everyone to sign your card and very quickly organised your party. And while we're on the whole organisation topic, I should say that although I suggested the party, Okuda-senpai was the one who agreed to (and organised) it. I must have texted her so many times!

Monday was tough. You'd already gotten one surprise party so I didn't know if I could organise another one successfully. Which is why it's a good thing that Simone is excellent at stalling (before kendo, during kendo, after kendo).

And Audrey went to Musashi-Sakai during third period for your cake, so that was another lifesaver.

If I've forgotten to tell you, I actually reached the kendo-room while you were still there. Kinoshita senpai was the one who told me when you left so I could sneak the cake in.

The rest, you should remember. But just so you know, the one disadvantage of you being last to come in was that we had so many false starts when various senpais walked into the room.

Oh, thank Chie-chan for showing up too ya?

Happy Belated Birthday(:

I'm glad you got the nomikai you wanted. ^^

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