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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Midterms/ ボート大会 (Boat Taikai)

Tuesday was mid-terms (Kanji Test + Grammar Test) and I got my results back today. I didn't do well, but after crying twice, I'm either feeling better or too tired to do much. Personally, I think I gave the kendo team a shock, especially Okuda-senpai, who came in to the toilet to change and found Simone and Rena comforting me. But somehow, practicing kendo and talking to senpais' lifted my spirits.

So as you can see, I freaked/am freaking over exams. And now, I only have two exams: Kanji and Grammar. I wonder what will happen in the end of the terms when I have Maths and Politics and Economics as well (Oh, my timetable changed. I shall post again when I get used to the new timetable).

But as proof that the school understands how students hate to study after exams, Wednesday was ボート大会 (bo-to taikai). So the night before, all the girls from D Class came to my room to create our mascot - a turtle! (If I remember correctly, I kinda went "turtle turtle turtle!" when we deciding. It's my version of irony since our team name is 特急D (tokkyuu D - Super Fast D) :D )Unfortunately, we got scolded by the tutor around midnight because Stella and I were singing way too loudly. -ahem, we really love Wicked-

We made personalised armbands for our class too! Even one for Kaneko Sensei(:

After about 4 hours of sleep, it's time to wake up once again! But turtles need to sleep more!

I would like to say I managed to hid away somewhere in my shell and hibernate but
that didn't happen :/
The rest of the day is really cheering our team on when it's our turn. It's very awkward to hold a camera while in a Turtle costume, so Stella helped me take the photos:

Here's my class! Despite the fact that Han-san is a girl, we were entered in the
all-boys category.
And we won third place! We got first in the first two races (we won semi-finals by a very thin margin, look!):

And for finals, we came in third! Also by a razor-thin margin, so while it could have been second, I think third is awesome! And we managed to persuade the orginal mascot into the costume for the prize presentation:

Oh yeah!

We're going for our 打ち上げ(uchiage - it's like a celebration for doing well) tomorrow. Yaki-niku away! But here's one last candid photo that Stella took of me. I really really like it:

Here I am. Waiting.

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