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Friday, 18 May 2012

Official Welcome Party

Yup, there was another welcome party. But this one was special cause it was the official one, as in, officials from MEXT and the respective embassy representatives. Sadly, there was no one from Singapore there. (But according to Christal, no one came for their year either, and they had 6 Singaporean students so I shouldn't be surprised)

And according to Rena, we came for the food. And the fact that it was compulsory (I know cause I checked). But, the food was excellent (didn't take any pictures though). So here's what happened:

There was a bunch of speeches (in English and Japanese) and some student performances and we all had to introduce ourselves. (O_O)

Considering that Rena and I were dressed in our SIA uniforms (it's based on the Sarong Kebaya so it counts as a traditional costume) it looked as though Nicholas was a SIA employee. On the bright side, we didn't flank him as though we were at a SIA press conference. And it was fun to wear it (although walking was a bit hard). And remember everyone, no matter what people say, it's always fun to wear your country's traditional costume when you get the chance(:

Best part? Possibly the taking of the class photo (it took a surprisingly long time):

After many near misses (we have very bad timing...), we have an almost complete photo. ハンさん(Han-san) is unfortunately sick (please pray for her!) and ミラさん(Mira-san) was being interviewed. I will post her interview video here later. And Simone was also interviewed, so you should definitely watch it when I can find it :D

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