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Monday, 25 June 2012

Ah Si Yi Yi Visits (Sanri Puroland and Getting Gastric)

I know I normally post on Saturday and Sunday, but from Friday to Sunday morning, I was with my aunt and cousins in Shinjuku (well, I was sleeping at a hotel there). It feels so good to see my relatives!

Ok, so on Friday I came straight after school and was promptly asked to bring them to a shopping place. Since I don't know Shinjuku (or anywhere on the Yamanote Line) well, I decided to bring them to the place where I shop most often - Kichijioji. Thankfully, they really liked it, although by the time we finished dinner, almost all the shops were closed (thankfully, Seiyu was still open. ^^)

Saturday was much more eventful. For one thing, I ate two buffets (breakfast and lunch). I woke up about 5, changed the charge from my camera to my iPad (I loved the feeling of being able to use as much water and electricity as I want without having to worry about the bill) and fell back asleep. But I woke up again at 8.

Anyway, about breakfast. Keio Plaza Hotel has a few places to eat for breakfast and I got to eat a buffet! It totally reminded me of my ROCs 3 trip (I have so many fond memories of the trip~~). And unlike the trip, where we were forever going "I'll eat natto.... tomorrow", I actually tried the dish. The result? Well, I can eat it, but I don't like the texture much.....

But over-eating breakfast was mistake one. Luckily, the mistakes took a while to pile up.

After breakfast, we set of for Puroland (aka Hello Kitty World) where we spend the rest of the day. Isn't it great that Jie Xin and Ah Si Yi Yi both like Sanrio/Hello Kitty? Puroland had a grand total of one ride, but the shows were really great. They had things like the Hello Kitty version of Wizard of Oz (I was so tempted to start singing songs from Wicked during the show) and this huge event with a lot of acrobats and such. Oh yes, pictures~

Even the town map outside the station is Hello Kitty themed!

Outside Puroland. You can't see it, but my shoes also
had Hello Kitty on them :D The only thing missing was
my Hello Kitty Glasses which I forgot to bring....

The show. Lots of dancing involved.

Trying on Hello Kitty ears~

It says "yuuchan". How can I not buy it?
(I made a very noble attempt at resisting though)
Now on to my second mistake. You see, we have buffet for lunch. And after eating my fill, I saw Lychees. Fresh Lychees (ok, frozen. But the fruit was fresh and not canned) and melons. So while I had a bit of gastric even before lunch, I kinda ignored the signs and ate a lot of fruit.

Bad idea. My gastric got worse after lunch (I'm really not used to eating large quantities of good food now..... :/)

It got really bad by dinner, but luckily, we found a Chinese place to eat (Ah Si Yi Yi missed Chinese food). The tea and soup and rice helped and I was almost pain free when my dessert (ironically, it's a Japanese desert) came.
I thought the while thing was cream (since it said "curimu"
on the menu) but it's actually ice-cream.
In my defence, I didn't know gastric was agravated by dairy products. So I finished about half of my awesome desert and then stopped because my stomach was in too much pain. And annoyingly, all the drug stores were closed by then >.<

Thank goodness for the train station. They had a drugstore and I got there about 10 minutes before closing time. And Mister Donut has earned itself a new fan, since their staff there gave me hot water to drink with my medicine for free.

So lesson learnt: Most drugstores close by 8/830. Which means it's always a good idea to have medicine on hand. And the convenience stalls don't seem to carry medicine (I checked at Lawsons). Neither do supermarkets (I checked there too).

So, instead of coming back on Saturday night, I spend another night in Shinjuku and came home on Sunday morning with a lot of things to catch up.

Oh well, I guess I deserve the backlog.

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