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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cooking Time #5

This is a huge milestone for me! I actually started with uncooked meat (and no, I did not get food poisoning from what I cooked). It was also why my grocery bill was the highest of everyone, but, since I cooked enough for two weeks.... Well, you can do the maths. So, I made two dishes, both taken from JustBento (At this rate, I didn't need to bring cookbooks) - Green Beans and Aburaage and Meat and Tofu Burgers. The recipes (as well as how it's supposed to look) are in the links~

So anyway, since I don't eat much vegetables, I didn't use green beans but ended up using the frozen veggie mix (the kind you put in instant noodles).

But um, aren't you glad that I'm eating some form of vegetable? (Oh, and I added edamame~).

The more complicated recipe was the burgers. It actually called for (apart from the mince meat and tofu), two slices worth of breadcrumbs:
Which, I'm very proud to say I made.

I really think buying my blender is the best 100yen that I've ever spent (especially when I have no idea if you can even buy breadcrumbs.

And after making the mixture and frying it (note to self: apparently, you have to drain the water in the tofu as well), here's the final result:

It may be just me being biased but it's really really tasty. And filling. But for some reason, the smell of it reminds me of MacDonald's.... I think it may be the breadcrumbs. 

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