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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cooking Time #6

This is how my meals look like now. Rice and about 3 side dishes :D
I mentioned last week that I made tofu-meat burgers. Well, they're gone now and it was delicious! In the end, I found my favourite was of eating was to heat it up in the microwave with some miso and teriyaki sauce.

So this post, I'll share another two recipes from Just Bento:

The first is okara salad. Okara is what you get when you've finished making tofu. It's sweet and apparently very healthy. The recipe is actually Okara and Crab salad, but I think the only common point is the okara.

I can't afford crab.

And the kind of vegetables I eat is very limited.

But, here it is:

It looks a lot like fried rice like? Rena thought it was....

Amazingly, I don't need to add mayo to it, I quite like the sweet flavour of Okara.

The second is Miso Egg. It's actually my favourite dish that I've cooked so far. And ironically, I haven't used the miso I bought to make miso soup. I use it for other stuff, like this recipe.

You're actually supposed to wrap the eggs in the miso paste, but I am lazy.
It may look a bit disgusting in this picture, but it really is delicious! Here's how it looks inside:

I have a feeling the miso paste didn't seep into the
egg thoroughly enough. But I love the colour and
taste of the yolk!

I'm going to have a quiet week ahead (which means I can finally get some studying done), but I do have a book I wanna share, and I guess I've finally be able to blog about my room (I'm not taking pictures of it now, it's way too messy :p) And uh, more recipes (because I love my blender so much).


I've made the miso eggs a second time, and they were a resounding success!

I'm not sure if you can see it, but the eggs turned brown all the way through, and even the yolk had a lovely miso taste(: What I did differently was that I boiled the eggs in miso-water (I'm not sure if this even worked), and I probably used more miso and honey paste than recommended (I figured I should use as much as I thought was needed). And I crammed the eggs in, so they really were just surrounded by the miso paste.

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