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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Day Out with Nihon-no-Okaasan

I'm not sure if I've told you, but I've received a Nihon-no-Okaasan (Japanese mother)! It's part of a program by the YWCA Japan to help overseas students form emotional support networks. This year, there were so many applicants that only half were chosen. I'm really blessed to have received an okaasan and as proof that God is good, my okaasan works as an associate pastor!

So today, I made my way to Ginza Church to meet her (our second meeting). I think it's a measure of how far I've come since my first days here when the journey there didn't faze me. When I first arrived, anything that required more than one transfer made me quake with fear. Now, I can handle three, four transfers, no problem!

And while I'm measuring my progress, I'm very happy to report to you that I managed to understand about 80% of today's sermon. Which was entirely in Japanese (without any English translation). But then again, it was a special day (Flower's Day and Children's Day) and the children were also in the service so I guess it could have been much easier than normal. But still, it's progress!

The sermon was on The Lord's Prayer - and the pink things are the notes I made

We went to Hageten (a famous tempura shop) and had a really delicious tempura-don lunch :D

After that, we went to Roppongi to attend a classical music concert (the YWCA was invited).

I really loved the Debussy pieces! Debussy is so hard for me to play since my hands can't stretch more than an octave, but the pianist (and she was really young) made it flow like water! And she placed so much emotion into it. And I don't know if it's normal, but she explained the pieces before she played it (I didn't get a lot of it since she was talking to fast though).

Today's program~

After that, the okaasan's and their 'children' went for tea together! I got home around 7 but still, it's been a really fun day(: Now, time for a tough week of studying! (I have a speaking test on Tuesday :/)

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