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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Happy Birthday Simone and Audrey!

I think this is the season of birthdays (and 梅雨[tsuyu] - rainy season). Rena's birthday was last week, Simone and Audrey's birthday was today and Tomomi senpai's birthday is next week (I think!). Plus, there were a few other senpai's birthdays in these two weeks too.

We decided to celebrate Simone and Audrey's birthday with overnight Karaoke. At first, I was very 困っている(komatteiru - troubled) because I wanted to study. And I had kendo and Ghibli museum the next days. But I'm glad Rena talked me into going.

The Birthday Girls!

Because of various reasons, we started karaoke a bit later than expected - 1130 pm instead of 1030. But, at least it was before midnight because at 12, we brought in a surprise cake for the two birthday girls.

Making their Wishes

And despite my intention not to sing (I can't sing), I ended up singing. Well, I can't resist Avirl Lavigne, Tik Tok (the IB song!) and Arashi.

I actually don't know who took this photo.

I gave up around 230 am with Nicholas and Stella, so we left first. Today we went to the Studio Ghibli museum! This is definitely a must see if you come to Japan. But remember, if you want to get tickets, it's a good idea to reserve them about a month in advance or you may not get them. Of course, I shouldn't need to say that this is for fans of Ghibli (or anime).

The view from the entrance.

The museum is really adorable! And apart from the various exhibits, there's also a mini-cinema (included in the ticket price) where they show an original short film (one screening per person). And the Japanese is simple enough that I understood all of it. :D

I love the details like this!

Believe it or not, the pump works! Although
the caption says that you can't drink the water....

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