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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Random: Studio Ghibli Movies Imagined as Book Covers

Guess what? I'm going to the Studio Ghibli Museum on Saturday! I'm so excited, and then I came across this post: Japanese Movies Imagined as Penguin Book Covers. It's combining my two favourite things - Ghibli and Books! So basically, this really talented Etsy person called Jason K from 4/5 Studio created a series of images. So here are the "covers" from my three favourite movies (the rest are in the link)

The song "totoro totoro~" should automatically play
when you see this adorable cover.
Although personally, I'd prefer to see Haku or Chihiro on the
cover. I'm not that big a fan of No-Face

Calcifer is so cute! And funny!
And in case you didn't catch my earlier disclaimer: None of these images are mine. They belong to a talented person called  Jason K.

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