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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Typical IB girl/Singaporean?

Today in class, we were discussing 女性の生き方(jyosei no ikikata - the lifestyle of women). So for part of the lesson, we had to go and research the average age of marriage for our respective country. Most students gave one statistic for men and one for women (maybe two, if they found two years), but look at what I did:

I gave four  average ages for men/women based on educational background (it's the section with a lot of numbers). I'm not sure if I should thank SingStat (but really, thanks for the statistics! They're very useful!) for all this detail, or me being Singapore (and hence kiasu and giving all the available statistics) or me being from IB (because I was so happy to find statistics that were segmented because that made the ages more realistic).

I'm not sure what kind of impression we Singaporean students give anymore....


  1. I get Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Nippon, even Mongolia (Golden Horde ftw!), but I was surprised you have classmates from Bulgaria and Croatia oO, excellent food and literature from that corner of the world!

    1. We were a really diverse bunch of students - which made things really fun!



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