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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

ASEAN Festival 2012

Exams are finally over! But I noticed this disturbing trend. The day before the (most important) exam, I'm invariable doing something else. For mid-terms, I was organising Rena's surprise party. For end-of-terms, I was helping out at the ASEAN festival from 11am-6pm. I don't regret going though, it was really fun (and delicious).

Let me make it clear, this was what motivated me to go:

Claypot Rice

Chicken Rice
While I may have gone for the food, I had so much fun because of the people I met. Apart from getting to know the other Singaporeans better (I'm terrible at attending events that have a lot of people), I met my Dua Yi Dun (My mom's oldest sister's husband), who was in Tokyo over the weekend.

Oh, about the food: I have such talented senpai's! Apart from the laksa (which was sponsored by Prima), they cooked both the Chicken Rice and the Claypot Rice themselves. And it was delicious.

So basically, I spent the whole day trying to get people to buy our food. In the SIA uniform no less (either SIA or STB should just hire us to promote them). I was actually so lazy that rather than figure out how to pack the uniform in my bag without crumpling it, I decided to wear it to Church and then to Roppongi (where the festival was held).

And being typical Singaporeans, we left a lot of things to the last minute. Like when the food arrived and such, If I remember correctly, while we were setting up our booth, almost every other country was done (and they did it very professionally, with lots of food and other souvenirs and such). But, it's the quality that counts and I think our food didn't lose.

There were other events and performances (I was singing along to Home by Kit Chan when the senpai's performed it ^^), one of them being the "Fashion Show." Epic-ly enough, we not only didn't rehearse at all, not all of us had our costumes when we were supposed to go on stage. Thankfully, we improvised a costume and the entire routine. I suppose this is the true "super-power" of Singaporeans.

That is me (on the left) and Emily (on the right), who, judging by her SIA uniform is my superior ;) I'm really terrible at all this catwalk stuff, I was so awkward!

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