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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Edo-Tokyo Museum

I made a fairly last minute decision to see the Edo-Tokyo Museum on Saturday with Rena and Audrey (just going with those two promise a fun trip no matter what). It was excellent and I really wanna go back again (I didn't have enough time to see everything....).
The Museum. It's huge.
We spent about 6 hours there, looking through a special exhibit (about the Nihonbashi, sorry, no photos were allowed) as well as the permanent exhibits, which had:

An actual sized replica of Nihonbashi (Edo version)!

But to backtrack a little, first, we arrived around lunchtime and decided to splurge at a fancy restaurant (but all the places here were fancy anyway):

Since it's summer (and so hot!), I had cold soba:

It was delicious and cooled me down! If you can't appreciate cold soba, just come to Japan in the summer :D Rena and Audrey had the Oyako-don:

I don't think I can stress how delicious the dishes were!

The museum itself was really fun. There were lots of places where flash photography was allowed (in the permanent exhibits that is), and lots of things for you to experience (Apart from the experience corner), like this:

And this:

But my favourite part was the section on the Book Industry in Edo period Tokyo.

If you get the chance, you have to come here! (I'm planning to bring my family here when they come :D )

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