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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

期末試験 (End of Term Exams) - Spring Term Edition

There are a few more days (like 2 or 3) before 期末試験 (kimatsu shiken - end of term exams). There are more subjects than for mid-terms (I have math and Politics and Economics as well. As well as a speech. And essay writing. ... ... OTL) I still don't think I'll be ready by Friday though. Sigh, I'll just try my best.

And sleep more.

I heard that sleep is very important to grades :D

And I suppose that it should help that kendo has finished for the term (there was a really cool party that I will blog about if I can get pictures). But back to topic, kendo is finished for the term because the whole university has End of Term exams at the same time. So it feels like I suddenly have a lot more time to study (but I miss practice. It actually helps me focus).

But well, I found this drink stand at school yesterday - they were giving out 100ml bottles.

Considering that the weather was quite warm yesterday (think Singapore but without the hummidity), the really cold drink (in a cold glass bottle) was quite refreshing. It tasted a bit like Red Bull, but I don't think it was an energy drink because I wasn't noticably more hyper than normal.

And today, Yamada-Sensei gave us a 頑張って(ganbatte) present:

美味しそう(Oishisou - looks delicious)! 

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