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Sunday, 1 July 2012

I think you'd have seen pictures of my blender by now. So today, I want to dedicate a post to my precious 100yen blender.

Honestly, if I didn't pick this up at the school sale, I wouldn't have bought a blender. It seemed (at first), like such a luxury. How often would you need to use a blender?

Well, a lot apparently. Apart from things like blending bread to make breadcrumbs (thus making burgers), I use it for two things:

Ice-cream/Milk/Liquid shakes:

Strawberry-Orange Juice Shake.
Cherry and Vanilla ice-cream (I bought some cherries
on offer, then forgot to eat them. But it tastes good like
this too!)

and so far, Banana Ice-cream:

Do you know, if you blend frozen bananas, you get an ice-cream like mixture? (But re-freeze it again first). And since banana's are one of the cheapest fruits I can find here, this is another way to eat more bananas (and it's a really pleasant, way, I haven't gotten sick of it yet. And when I feel like adding more junk food, I can just blend frozen banana with Nutella and ice-cream:

Or add things like mint chocolate inside (whether you like this depends on whether you like eating banana and mint chocolate together). I don't have a picture of that, but it was really delicious ^^

Half the year has gone by already! And these past two months have really flown by. O.O Where did the time go?

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