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Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer Holidays!

This is the first time I have a summer holiday! (Singapore doesn't have four seasons :/). The weather right now is (mushi-atsui - hot and humid) to the Japanese and some scholars, but for those of us from South East Asia, it's perfect weather, hot but not humid.

We were given our results yesterday (I'm really amazed at the Japanese efficiency, considering that my last paper was the day before) and while I suspect I'm scoring below average, my grades are still decent. Plus, I improved for Kanji and Grammar, for which I'm already over the moon (not a single Intransitive/Transitive verb mistake!)

So, summer plans. Well, in the immediate timeframe, I have very boring plans. For one thing, I want to finish all my homework. And well, I'm doing a massive cleaning of my room (I've scrubbed my toilet and floor today, so all I have left to do is organise my shelves. Gulp.) - but that's because my Japanese okaasan is coming to visit on Modnay.

But, if I look further to the end of July and beyond, I'm going to:

Go to Hokkaido with Audrey (I'm way excited for this trip and I'll take lots of photos and tell you guys as much as possible!)

I'm really excited that I get to take a Night Train there!
It's a bit more expensive than taking a plane there and back
(ironically), but this is an experience I want(:

Go for Church Camp! Calvary Chapel has a youth camp and I'm really excited to meet more Christian teens~

Go for Kendo Camp! I don't know if I can take 5 days (or was it a week?) of intensive training, but it's in Nagano and it sounds fun! Plus, I really want to improve my kendo.

Finish the History of Children's Literature course from iTunes U. I actually like this topic, but I haven't had the time to listen to the lectures during the school term.... :/
Sadly, most people (like Yee Ann Kor Kor) are starting school soon, and the rest are having school. But if you guys have time, come and visit me! (Provided that mom's back is better, of course).

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