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Friday, 10 August 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore~

I'm taking a trip between the Hokkaido travel narrative/blog posts to tell you about National Day. You see, August 9th is National Day in Singapore, the day we celebrate our independence (although to be honest, no one wanted to be independent then). Yesterday was the second year where I wasn't in Singapore during National Day (the first year was about two years ago. I was in China back then). So, I invited my two good friends - Stella and Simone to come and celebrate with me/watch the National Day Parade (NDP).

I think one thing the organisers did right was to have a live streaming (because nothing replaces the live streaming). The picture is of one of the Red Lion Jumpers as they land.

Of course, there were snacks:


What? It IS Singapore's birthday after all
 A National Day Costume (I need to get a red shirt... oh wait, I just remembered that I DO own a red shirt....OTL):

And awesome friends to watch with me. Stella even helped me to make the Singapore flag to wave about (I was probably more enthusiastic than the previous years):

I was also really touched when they both stood with me to sing the National Anthem and say the Pledge. (And Stella was really looking for Lee Kuan Yew). And of course, there was the NDP Song medley. I still say that the best song of all time is Home by Kit Chan (do you know they had music videos in 1998?)

The highlights of this year's show was that it's proof that Singapore is so small (or you know, that I have an insanely large family). To start with the one person I'm not related to, the little girl who sang part of the NDP song is my junior (she's from MGS Primary) and my mom taught her sister. The guy playing the piano is my uncle (after my cohort mates and I went to his concert once, I was asked for the next week to get them dates with him. Um, well, the girls in my school really like music). And the oldest Red Lion Jumper (only one of the coolest parts of the show) is very very distantly related to me.

Happy Birthday Singapore.
"This is home, truly~~~"

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