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Friday, 3 August 2012

Hokkaido Trip Part 1 - Getting there on the Hokutosei (北斗星)

I'm back! Did you guys miss me? Anyway, I had a really good trip, managed to see many beautiful sights and read a lot (I left Tokyo with 5 books, I came back with 7). Anyway, to avoid information overload (and because to upload all pictures at once would take way too long), I'll be breaking the posts into a few separate post. This first one, Furano, Shakotan/Otaru and Sapporo.

So, without further ado, here's my trip to Hokkaido; noteworthy because I went there on the Hokutosei (an overnight train). This is my train:

In case you can't see the train clearly, here's another photo:

We booked the cheapest beds available, but it was still pretty good. The next photo is the corridor of my carraige, and the photo after that is my bed:

With each berth, we also get a really cool JR yukata. I had to take my own picture, but I hope you can see the pattern:

There is a restraurent on board,  but the food is really expensive, take a look:

 But admittedly, the food was good (although the portions were a little small).
In the morning, before we got off at around 11 am, you could see a really beautiful view of Hokkaido:

 So basically, if you have the time, go to Hokkaido on the Hokutosei. It's really worth it:

And when we got off the train, our reactions were "Why isn't it cooler?" O.o

To be continued.

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