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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hokkaido Trip Part 2: Furano

I didn't mention this earlier, but we took the Hokutosei one day earlier than we originally planned. And that meant that we had one day for which I didn't book any accomodation.


Thankfully, while we were eating lunch at the Republic of Ramen near Sapporo Station, we found a youth hostel. In furano. So, off we went to Furano for the night. But whoops, I had completely forgotten to factor in transport fees, so we took the cheapest option - a three and a half hour bus ride. It was about 4000+ for a round trip ticket, which is about the price of one train ticket to Furano.

So about three and a half aching hours later, we got off the bus, and promptly got on the local train (our hostel was at Naka-Furano, which is not the same place as Furano station). Here's a tip, check where you hostel is going to be before booking it.

But on the other hand, the train there was adorable:

 I kid you not, this is the train

It even has it's own stamp!

And our hostel wasn't too bad either:

 I really like the idea of sleeping under a roof/attic. It may be because I read too many Enid Blyton-type books in my childhood.
Although it was connected to the ground floor with really really steep steps. Actually, it's more like a ladder. Which is cool in the daytime/light, but is not very fun at around 3 am when you have to go to the toilet.

In addition, the hostel provided free breakfast and dinner, which was great because we didn't see any convinience stores around (a strange sight for those used to Tokyo). Unfortunately, most of the dinner was vegetables. While I can eat way more vegetables now then when I was in Singapore, I still don't like them very much.

There were about 3 Lavendar farms near the hostel (by near, I mean within walking distance), and whiile I took loads of photos, I'm limiting myself to a few photos I particularly like:

So the next day, we left for Shakotan.

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