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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hokkaido Trip Part 5: Sapporo

Welcome to the last post in this series! If you've missed the first few posts, you can always go back and read about the Hokutosei, Furano, Shakotan and Otaru. So without further ado, let the photo-diarism (I don't think I can call it photojournalism with a straight face) begin!

I don't have any photos for this, but for our stay in Sapporo, we stayed at Jimmyz Backpackers, which was really conveniently located and fairly cheap. And as proof that Singaporeans love Japan, we met another Singaporean there. I was a bit hesitant about staying in hostels at first, but after making so many friends, I have nothing but good things to say about it!

One of the highlights of Sapporo would be going to the Shiroi Koibito Factory/Park!

It even looks like a chocolate factory!
 Outside the factory, the grounds are beautiful and full of whimsical things like these tiny houses.

You know it's tiny when I have to bend down to enter!
And in general is beautiful
 You have to pay to go in the factory, but it's worth it! (And no, not because you get one free biscuit)
 In the factory, you not only get to see how the famed biscuits are made, there's also a history of chocolate and a lot of pretty exhibits to see. But speaking of the biscuits, I learnt that if you work in Quality Control, part of the job involves tasting the biscuits. Hmm.....

Apart from the Factory, I really wanted to visit Hokkaido University (I admit it! I'm... I'm a nerd!). But seriously speaking, this huge university is very pretty. There's even a river in the grounds!

 And Hokkaido University was greatly influenced by Clark, who coined the famous phrase "Boys, be ambitious!"
 There's also a museum in the university! Most of the exhibits are only explained in Japanese, but it's still quite fun to see (and anyway, it's free). I think my favourite exhibit was this:
I got a strange look from the Japanese lady as I was taking this photo...
And in Hokkaido, one of the must-eat food would be Miso Ramen!

Apart from eating and visiting those two places, I was quite lazy, spending one whole day at an onsen. But it was so relaxing I don't regret it :D

And this concludes my Hokkaido trip! And just in time too, tomorrow, I'm heading off the Church camp! I'm not bringing my Nikon, but I'll try to take some photos with my phone and share them with you(:

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