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Friday, 31 August 2012

Inokashira Park Zoo and Aquarium

I wasn't thinking of doing much today. Probably study and read (more reading than studying though), maybe get Rena to go with me to Saeki for some groceries later. But, around 11, Rena called me.

"I'm bored, let's go out." (not an exact quote)

And with that, my day changed.

After a quick discussion, we decided to the Inokashira Park Zoo (or as we knew it, the zoo at Mitaka). This was partly because it was close (I refused to take a one hour train ride to go somewhere) and because it involves animals (Rena saw the picture of the elephant and squirrels and decided we should go).

So after realising it's actually closer to Kichijoji than Mitaka, and getting a little lost along the way, we finally made it to the zoo. Well, it's nothing like the Singapore Zoo (I don't think any zoo can be as awesome as that), but it was really cute and we had a lot of fun.

Rena's favourite part of the zoo turned out to be the monkeys, and mine turned out to be the squirrels:

Apparently, they sleep like this when the weather is hot.
Well, actually, I was most preoccupied with finishing the Youkai and Animal booklet. It's like a treasure hunt, where you visit the different exhibits and answer a question using stamps (I'm turning into a fan of stamps now!). The booklet is really cute, and sadly, it's today was the last day (but it's a really lucky thing for us that we went today ^^)

After the zoo and aquarium (the aquarium is at a separate place, and the fee is included in the ticket. It wasn't as fun though...) we walked along a part of Kichijoji we didn't normally go. And we found so much stuff! Like an Afghanistan Bazar, where we broke our "no clothes for two months" promise with a really pretty long skirt each, and Pancake Days! It's a really cute shop and got us planning our mid-career change already!

My caramelised Banana and Chocolate pancake was delicious! Sadly, the top fell off before I could get a photo.

If you're wondering about the price breakdown, well, like Rena said, money flowed like water today. The zoo itself wasn't expensive (tickets for Adults are 400 yen, but it's much cheaper for kids and the elderly), but Pancake Days was quite expensive (my pancake costs 900 yen).

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