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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kendo Camp (剣道合宿)

Alright, I'm finally back and in a reasonable shape to type out a long long blog post. Of what happened in 6 days of Kendo camp. Alright, I'm tired again, bye.

Okok, I'm kidding (partially). But I'm not joking when I say that it's really really tiring. My daily schedule went something like this

Wake up at 5.30 am (technically, we can wake up at 6, but I don't like to jostle for a limited number of sinks).

Get to the field by 6.30 for morning excecise. This is actually really fun, because we play games like dodgeball and police and theif.

7.30 - breakfast! Depending on what team is on duty, I may or may not have to go early to set up the meal. Plus, while eating, we need to anticipate when our senpai's need more rice or tea and give it to them before they ask (we're more successful for tea than for rice). This happens three times a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Morning practice lasts from 9.30 to 11.30. But, as first years, we go there half an hour early to open up the place and prepare everything. We also leave the latest because we have to clean and lock-up the place.

Lunch, and then afternoon practice. After that is dinner, and by then, all you want to do is sleep.

But since there were 7 of us first years, it was actually pretty fun. Plus, we didn't have practice all the time. On evening of the fourth day, there was a BBQ, and on the fifth day, there was a tournament, the watermelon game and a celebratory dinner!

Rena is a ....watermelon master. This was the first time she played スイカ割り(suica-wari) and she split the watermelon in a near perfect half!

Plus, the place is georgeous:

This is the view of the lake. The temperature of the lake water was
perfect. I wish I could have swam.

You know, we first years actually wanted to do a marathon round the lake in our free time (well, I wanted to be the judge and make my friends run, but same thing!), but we didn't have enough time. But we did have fun playing by the lake.

And on the last night, at the 宴会(enkai - banquet), we had a surprise! All the senpai's give presents to their juniors, so as the youngest members, we got the most presents. But more important than the presents (although I was way happy to get a manga), would be the notes that the senpai's wrote for us. I was really touched reading the notes they wrote to me, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. It made all the hard work worth it.

Right now, we're busy preparing for a tournament we're hosting on Sunday. Isn't it a great way to end the summer holidays? (Literally, I start school on Monday).

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