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Monday, 20 August 2012

SM Audition

Well, after I came back from camp, I went to SM Entertainment Audition (the next day, which was why I looked so tired the whole times). To be honest, I'm not a big fan of KPop, but I did promise Simone that I would go with her....

Although I had to miss the main service, I'm so thankful that I managed to go for Youth Service beforehand (especially since kendo camp ends on Sunday.... :/). After that, I met up with Simone (she get ready in time for Church) and went to Shinagawa.

When we got there, Simone immediately honed in on the other non-Asian foreigners. Well, the only other girl we saw is from Russia and she's a really good dancer. She's in a dance group and she does covers of KPop songs. In fact, she's met Shinee and a few other groups when they come to judge the dance perfomances! -so cool-

The audition itself was very short. When registration opened, you simply get a form and write your details on it. After that, you submit the form, get a sticker and then go into a hall to wait.

The hall itself had a huge screen where they played different music videos. And since my number was quite short (B17) so I got to go in quite fast. We went in in groups of 10, and had to either sing/pose/act on the spot. In the room was this stern looking lady and another lady working the video camera. I got to sing Wicked's For Good so I'm happy ^^. Plus, they asked this girl in my group to sing more, so I may have met a future KPop star!

I suppose you could say that it was an interesting experience. I probably won't get to do it again because the cut-off age is 19/20. Well, they really want to get the young kids (I saw some seriously young looking applicants O.O)

Me, I'm...not so young :p
See you after my Kendo Camp!

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