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Monday, 17 September 2012

Attending another Piano Concert

I'm working on my next post for MindChicClub, and it reminded me that I haven't shared about the Piano Recital I attended last week. I really think that since I've arrived in Japan, I've been attending more classical concerts, thanks to the YWCA.

The concert itself was held on Sunday (I was rushing after Church), at this place that is one stop away from Shibuya. It's organised by the YWCA, so my okaasan was in charge of the tickets! But anyway, this concert was fantastic! I can't play well, but I love to listen to the music.

And is it just Japan, or do musicians everywhere explain the pieces they play before they actually play it? I didn't understand a lot, but it was cool hearing about the history of the song, the period of the time, and the link to the pianist's life. It's an added motivation to get better at Japanese.

I got to meet the pianist afterwards too! He's a really nice guy, and hopefully, I can attend his concert in December (I think he's having a concert in December).

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