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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Birthday Part II

I actually planned to post this yesterday, but my friend didn't upload the photos until today. In fact, she only uploaded the photos from school so far....

Alright, I was too tired yesterday, but I have more time and energy today (mind you, I spent today making mooncakes for tomorrow so....)

Anyway, even though my birthday was on Friday, it actually started on Thursday night, with a surprise party! I was partly surprised, since I guessed when Rena did her "try-to-be-natural" voice halfway through :D But Stella and Simone are awesome actresses (maybe it's a Kyuudo thing?)

The party was quite small (about 10 people), which is actually the optimal number. I probably would have been overwhelmed with any more people, and it's not a party if it's too small. The highlight of the party was when I received my present - a Hello Kitty costume.

Apart from putting it on straight away, I also wore it to school (I've been wearing weird things since I come to Japan). But it's an .... interesting way to celebrate my birthday. I took it off after lunch though, there's no way I'm wearing it until 5.30 p.m.

So we took the opportunity for a class photo. 

After that, it was Pepper Lunch (I love Pepper Lunch here, so delicious!) and walking around Kichijoji. We came back fairly late (around 9/10) and I spent time skyping my family before going to bed. It's a good thing that there's not Kendo practice today, because I really needed to sleep in. Too bad the baseball people woke me (and Rena) up early though. So I gave up and closed the window and turned on the air-con.

I'm really touched by this handmade card from Beckah in Australia 

And my parents sent me the cutest jewelry ever! 


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