Saturday, 15 September 2012

Happy Birthday Stella!

This is two days late, but Happy Birthday Stella! I'm super happy to tell everyone that we managed to pull of a surprise party. And I think I'm starting a tradition - making gui ling gao for everyone's birthday (everyone in my class anyway).

Although, I had problems getting Stella into the kitchen (I was supposed to get her there without any suspiciouns). Unfortunately, she saw Randy and bolted, thinking it was a prank. I had to drag her to the (suddenly dark) kitchen where she was pleasantly surprised (not pranked!).

 And this is Stella's present, that I got from BookOff ;) I know she likes manga, so I tried to get her titles I think she will enjoy.
And if you are wondering, these are the titles.

And now, on to some party pics!

 Instead of a cake, I got her Krispy Kreme donuts!
 The donut says "HAM", short for "Hamham", Stella's facebook name.
 And we (Mira and I), used the rest of the donut pen to write on Stella's arm :D
The girls of D Class!