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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kendo Milestone~

I thought today would be a fairly ordinary day (except for having to stay back and prepare for the Taikai tomorrow), but practice was very different from what I expected!

Hosokawa sensei (the kantoku) was here today, and he announced that the four newbies who have put on the bougu would participate in a practice match today. To be honest, I was very shocked when I heard this, because I have no idea how to fight. I don't know how to points are scored or how to score them. So basically, I was winging it.

Well, I wasn't so much winging it as getting thoroughly defeated. Sensei paired me with another foreign student, who was way stronger than me. So basically, he blocked all the hits I tried to make, and I got hit a lot. Naturally, I lost the match.

After that, we got to train one-on-one with the kantoku. I was actually pushing my limit, but I didn't want to keep having to sit out of practice. Thankfully, it wasn't very long, and the advice Lars-senpai first gave us was true. Somehow, screaming does give you strength. Now, I have to remember to actually scream during the match (and try to hit more).

Tomorrow's the taikai hosted by TUFS! I'm just serving tea and such, but I still have to wear a suit :/ Oh well, I'm sure it'll be interesting. And I'll definitely tell you guys how it went(:

I realised I never did show you guys the wonderful picture my cousin (Elena Yeo) did
for the kendo team. If you love her pictures, you can go to her website here.

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