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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

明鏡大会 (Meikyou Taikai)

Today is the second day of school! But honestly, I'm still not used to going for lessons (and I miss going for kendo - I have to miss practice because they're at 10 AM :/ ) But the very day before school start, my Kendo club hosted the 明鏡大会 (Meikyou Taikai)

So the day before (to be accurate, the week before), we were preparing for the whole Taikai. Things like doing the calligraphy for banner, moving chairs and tables, getting the materials we need and preparing the court. We're a really small club, so it was a really good thing that another university's (I forgot the name) kendo club came to help out on Saturday.

On Sunday, Rena and I (Simone wasn't there, she was at Kyuudo Gashukku) arrived at 7.45. Which means I woke up at 6.30 O...TL Then again, after I finished breakfast, I went back to sleep from 6.40 to 7.10. Still, I was sleepy the whole day.

Our duties were mainly in the morning. I was assigned to the judges room (to serve tea and snacks), while Rena was assigned to the directors room. Oddly enough, Rena had nothing to do while I was kept busy. And since the sensei came to my room, I had Kouda-kun to talk too! As a contrast, Rena was stuck in a room full of people she didn't know. I had that too, but there were also senpai's and fellow first-year.

During the taikai itself, we were just filming the different matches. It's a good thing we had our hand phones, because we were reading from them a lot. Rena and I learnt that we are neither morning nor night people (so I guess we're sleeping people). And I introduced her to Psychology Today. :D

Lunch was... interesting. Rena, if you're reading this, DON'T WORRY, I WON'T TELL. HAHAHAHAHA. (If you whatsapp me though, I'll be happy to tell you :p)

The most interesting thing that happened was that we had a two-hour plus power outage at the end (did I mention it was raining really heavily throughout the day? So, we had to do things like lug heavy tables up four flights of stairs (the elevator being useless) while being dressed like this:

Yes, like OLs (Office Ladies). I really don't like wearing suits in the first place (unlike Rena - see who's gonna be a professional when she grows up?), but wearing a suit in the rain while lugging things? I wish I could say the power outage made the task more fun, but it was just darker. I woke up the next day aching all over.

Well, it did get really fun at the end, when even the reserve electricity gave up. It was around 7 then, which in Japan means it's dark. Very dark. Rena's biggest weakness is the dark, so we had fun screaming. I spent the time we were climbing up the stairs wondering about whether our school was built on a cemetery, mentioning the name Sadako a few times and singing the last line from Cappricio Farce. And then, when we got to the fifth floor, I started chasing her.

The fact that we made our senpai laugh proves that when Simone is away, Rena and Eustacia becomes the new gag team.

And since we spent 12 hours there, Rena and I left as soon as we could. But not before taking a commemorative photo:

Actually, we are more tired than we look.

And at the end of the day, well, I can honestly say that only two bad things occurred:

a. My umbrella got stolen.
b. My only pair of court-shoes broke (so I have to get a new pair before the next taikai).

They were a good pair of shoes. 

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