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Friday, 19 October 2012

Can I say Ewwww?

So recently, we've (the Singaporean students here) have been hearing about Alvin Tan and his infamous sex blog. Can we just say EWWWWW?

If you're unaware, Alvin Tan and his girlfriend Vivien Lee (both Malaysians) have made waves in Singapore by posting explicit videos and pictures of them on a blog. Apparently, they wanted "recognition" for their work and facebook kept taking down their photos (although really, you should only want recognition for positive things. This is the first time where I see people so eager to be porn stars). And the reason why there are waves is because Alvin Tan is a ASEAN Scholar at NUS (Faculty of Law).

Before I forget, I would like to say that despite what The Star said today, all the young people I know here are disgusted by this blog and we do find it morally unacceptable.

And really, must he make all scholars look bad? I'm thinking that he has some problem where he cannot internalise moral standards, which leads to a lack of regret or self-consciousness, because he seems completely unconcerned about the disapproval by general society. He talks about things like people being overly sensitive and him not holding the same moral codes as others. Clearly, despite supposedly being smart, he hasn't heard of theories that say all humans hold an innate moral code, where we have the same standards. Either that, or he hasn't realised the self-defeating and untenable position of claiming relativism.

I remember, even before I came to Japan, I had to sign a form stating that I would behave in a responsible manner or facet the consequences.

This is the copy of the Pledge I took. 

I really hope that that ASEAN scholarship people made him sign a similar  form, and the consequences involve him paying back all the money he's received. Let's see, he claims to save $56 000 a year, and since he's a third years student, he should have to pay back $168 000 dollars. And I suppose to be fair, you should add in either a bank interest rate or the inflation rate.

But you know, perhaps I should look on the bright side of this. I'm planning to do a presentation on a societal problem in Singapore and I'm going to present on the topic of immigrants. I suspect this scandal will re-flame the xenophobic tendencies in society, and I'll have another example to cite. But I would really rather have no examples to cite.

(If you haven't heard of this, you can read a short article about Channel News Asia, where I'm glad to see he has to face an NUS disciplinary hearing)

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