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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!

Despite the fact that Japan is an Asian country and only six hours away from Singapore, there are foods that I can't find here in Japan. Leaving aside Singaporean fare like Oh Jian (Oyster Pancake), Chinese soups (so far, all the Chinese restaurents I see serve Miso), kaya and such. There's still quite a lot of food missing. Like Egg Tofu (the round kind that we call Japanese tofu in Singapore. There's egg tofu here, but you're not supposed to fry it. And they don't have Tau Huey, the tofu desert!).

Or you know, Moon cake.

I mean, there is a sort of moon cake in Japan (called 月餅geppei), but it's baked and always filled with anko paste. With the Mid-Autumn Festival just over, I've been craving mooncakes. The traditional ones with Lotus Paste, the Durian flavoured ones, the ones with a Chocolate-and-Rum cream center, and probably most of all, the Snow Skin Mooncakes (which is really 90% of the mooncakes I eat in Singapore).

So thanks to my awesome mom (and family, but I asked my mom first~), I had a package of mooncakes sent over. Considering that the postage cost more than the ingredients and mooncake mold, I can say with confidence that you've touched the three Singaporeans here. Rena, Nicholas and I were so happy to be able to eat Snow Skin Mooncakes on Mid-Autumn

Of course, we're ignoring the fact that we couldn't (赏月shang yue, literally appreciate the moon. In Japanese, it's called 月見tsukimi - Looking at the Moon) because of a Typhoon, and we had no lanterns, but still, the important fact remains - We Had Mooncakes.

And mooncake flavoured ice-cream
And that, along with the company of friends, is all you need to celebrate this holiday,

(P.s. Mid-terms start this Friday, so this is my last post for the week!)

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