Thursday, 11 October 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons

I finished my mid-term exams yesterday. By all accounts, I should be on a bus right now, in the two-day school trip in/to Nagano. Yet, I'm writing this blog post in Singapore.

You see, I somehow fell sick last week. During the papers, I was rushing in-and-out because I was forever puking. I actually had to stop my Politics and Economics paper halfway because the teacher insisted I see a doctor (I managed to finish the make-up test though). And even though I saw two doctors twice in 4 days, the medicine didn't seem to work (but it gave me diahrea) and I spent a lot of time facing the toilet bowl.

So, my parents asked me to ask the school if I could come back to see the doctor. I'm really really grateful that despite my last minute request (I asked the day before I flew). So, as soon as I finished my last paper, I went back to pack and left Narita at 8:50pm yesterday, arriving in Changi airport at about 3am today.

And the result of all this rushing is - Salmonella poisoning (again). At least, that's tentative diagnosis. I did a blood test today (two full vials of blood is now missing from my body ._.) and I have a few more tests to do tomorrow, but that's what the doctor thinks it is.

Because of this, I can't eat most of the food I've been dreaming about this past six months. I'm more-or-less stuck eating bland food (at least I have tau huey). It's really one of the lemons life hands you.

But, you know the second half of the saying. Through this horrible experience, I've actually gotten a lot of positives.

First (and maybe the biggest point), I saw how much everyone cared for me. Friends that I don't have much classes in common would come to see how I was and if I could help. Rena gave up studying time to bring me to the doctors. Simone helped me "break into" my room to take pictures of the medicine I left behind so I could show the doctor. And Kaneko sensei came to my room at 9pm to give me food to eat. I'm honestly very touched by the out-pouring of love and concern shown towards me. Of course, I can't forget the JLC staff, who helped me with my last minute flight to Singapore. Especially since this is the exam period, and face it, I would understand if everyone was more worried about their results (and hence university entrance) than me. In fact, me being sick means one less rival.

Two bags of food is a lot. 
Second, I got to go back to Singapore. I've been missing this place for so long that a flying visit (with a limited diet) is better than nothing.

So yeah, these two categories make up for all the puking/loss of marks this week. Because Intangibles > Tangibles.

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